Odoriferous Substances

Whether it be base raw material or the final masking product, Unicare Ingredients provides it all. The company further filled it's product basket by offering flavours, fragrances, botanical extracts and essential oil to the end users.


Flavours of our offer consists of fruity, mint, spicy etc. tastes for food industry. We have a set of liquid, powder, emulsion and micro encapsulated flavours which find application in the following industry.

  1. Bakery
  2. Confectionary
  3. Dairy
  4. Beverages
  5. Pharmaceuticals


With a wide range of specialized products, the company has capability in providing a variety of products to meet clients' individual profiles, end applications and project needs. Our products are now a key component in the world's spectrum fragrances.

Our profiles include citrus, floral, fruity, oriental, lavender etc. notes which find application in the following personal care products.

  1. Toilet Soap
  2. Detergent Bar & Powder
  3. Liquid Soap
  4. Creams & Lotions
  5. Shampoos
  6. Home care & Fabric care products

Our fragrances for the above applications are base stable. Also, technical strength coupled with industrial expertise makes us capable to deliver quality product and timely service.

Botanical Extracts:

Unicare Ingredients excels to satisfy it's personal care end users by offering a variety of products. Cosmetic grade Botanical Extracts offered by us are of the finest quality and play a key role for Herbal Cosmetics manufacturers. These are available in water soluble & oil soluble variants, both.

The major applications are as follows.

  1. Shampoos
  2. Lotions
  3. Creams
  4. Oils

Essential Oils:

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted.

Our range of essential oils by distillation / cold press / extraction process finds application in oils, lotions, shampoos etc.

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